Whitelaws Coaches brings first Volvo 9900 to Scotland

One of Scotland’s leading coach operators, Whitelaws Coaches, has taken delivery of a new Volvo integral B11R 9900. This is the first 9900 premium coach for the Stonehouse based company and the first to be delivered to an operator north of the border. 

Volvo 9900

Whitelaws 1 & 2: One of Scotland’s leading operators, Whitelaws Coaches, has taken delivery of a new Volvo integral B11R 9900, the first to be delivered to an operator north of the border.

Volvo 9900

A long established Volvo customer over many years, Whitelaws owns and operates a number of Volvo integral 9700s, the forerunner of the 9900, within its fleet.

Sandra Whitelaw, Managing Director of Whitelaws, explains: “We were the first Scottish operator to take delivery of the original 9700 all those years ago and we are pleased and proud to bring the first 9900 coach to Scotland.  While we do have vehicles featuring bodywork from other manufacturers, our preferred choice is to have the Volvo integral coach as we believe this delivers the complete package for us with its aesthetic appearance and fuel economy.

“Along with the proven B11R chassis that has been so successful for us in terms of operational performance and fuel efficiency, the new 9900 has a very different and impressive look with the ‘Z’ shaped styling on the windows that our passengers really like when they see it for the first time.   We see adding this superior coach to our fleet as a natural progression for us as our strong partnership with Volvo continues.

“As a long standing Volvo customer, we have always enjoyed a good experience when working with Volvo.  They never take any operator’s custom for granted and always work hard to provide us with the best possible vehicles and aftersales support we need to keep our business successful in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Craig Connolly, Retail Bus & Coach Sales Manager for Volvo Bus, said: “It is great to be working with Sandra and her team again and to be seeing them add their first 9900 to their fleet.

“While the first 9900s have been arriving and going into service across the UK throughout this year, they have been operating across Europe for some time now and are a thoroughly tried and tested premium coach for today’s market. We are confident that Whitelaws will be pleased with all aspects of their new 9900.” 

Whitelaws Coaches is a family owned and operated business and provides a range of coach and bus route services throughout Scotland.


19 November 2019

For further information, please contact Sarah Burton or Joe Worrall at Cogent 01676 525912.    Email: sarah [dot] burton [at] cogent [dot] co [dot] uk or joe [dot] worrall [at] cogent [dot] co [dot] uk

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